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7 reasons you need a new website

1. Your website is dated. Most struggling websites are like older homes. You can tell they were built years ago and are in major need of a renovation. Your website is one of your chances to gain trust from potential clients. If the site looks old and boring, they are going to assume the same about your company! Not to mention that you aren't taking advantage of newer features and technology that could enhance your performance.

2. Your website isn't mobile friendly. The main goal of a website should be an exceptional user experience. If your site isn't easily viewed on a mobile device, then users will not stick around causing a high bounce rate. If you are unsure if your site is mobile friendly, then use Google's free mobile friendly tool.

3. Your website's traffic report looks like an abandoned highway. Have you checked your anaylitics recently to see what's happening on your site? You have to have consistent traffic to convert new customers. A new look combined with up to date information gets more attention. It keeps your current visitors interested, and you’ll generate new traffic, too. There are many ways to accomplish this task and we can help.

4. Your site doesn't have enough content. Having enough content is what keeps users engaged and coming back. If they aren't interested in the topic at hand then they won't stick around. Utilizing pictures, video, awards, etc., can really enhance your message and keep the users engaged. This may sound simple or rudamentary, but you would be suprised how often I see sites without any of the above.

5.Your site isn't converting. One of the many reasons I see why websites don't convert are not having enough points of interaction. Multiple points of interaction are crucial for conversion. Contact forms, phone numbers, call to actions, links, comment sections, share buttons are many ways to get more conversions. How many does your site have currently?

6. Your employees runs your social networking. Although this may be a current solution for you now, you should really evaluate what is being posted by your employees. When a newly redesigned website isn't properly marketed on social networks you will see mediocre results. If your employee is only running one or two networks, then you are missing out on valuable traffic. I have been involved and seen many companies who have multiple employees assigned to this task. This creates an inconsistent message which can have a negative impact on your site.

7. Your website is taking a back seat to your competitors. If you expect to be competitive then your new website will need to up the ante. Take a look at multiple competitors in your space and then form a plan and wish list as to what you want in your new website. Bounce ideas off your team and discuss and functionality that you would want that will set you apart.

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